Omparative Poetry Essay: Walt Whitmans  Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking and  Song of the Open Road

Essay comparing the themes of the poems as well as the purposes of the poems.

State the thesis in the intro paragraph. The body paragraphs of the paper should support the thesis.It needs to be precisely worded, clear, and give readers an accurate sense of the scope and direction of the essay.
Introduction: it should identify the work(s) and author(s) to be discussed and indicate where your discussion is going. It should create interest in your topic. In the intro, you may give historical and/or biographical information if it is relevant.

Conclusion: Typically, in the conclusion you will restate the main points or restate the thesis, but you should also think of your conclusion as a natural corollary to your thesis statement the  And so . . . step of your reasoning, in which you give some thought to why your thesis matters. How does your interpretation of a particular element of a poem influence the way a reader should think about the poem as a whole? Does it have implications for other poems as well? If you re focusing on several poems by a single author, might your interpretation perhaps influence the way we ought to think about that poet?

The paper should have a clear thesis that all paper content reinforces. Additionally, in abiding by the rules of expository writing, each paragraph should be unified with an implied or stated topic sentence.

The essay should flow smoothly from point to point. Transitions are necessary to move the reader from paragraph to paragraph.

Development: All main points that connect to the thesis should be thoroughly developed, but your voice should be the most prominent reinforcement. Outside sources support your credibility, but directly quoted material should comprise no more than 20% of the paper (this does not include direct quotes from the reading you analyze). Outside sources other than the readings are required. Use at least 2 but no more than 4 outside sources. Use paraphrases and summaries of sources as necessary. Since development is key to the paper s clarity and ability to convince, keep main points to a minimum