Omparative Politics and Political Ideas

These are the following questions that should be answered:
1. A) As a member of U.N Commission charged with recommending a new constitution for one of the following nations, you have been asked to propose an appropriate political system, party system and electoral system. Choose a nation: Turkey.

include the following:
Types of systems chosen and reasons for your choice.
Explanations of why alternatives have been rejected.
Advantages and disadvantages of each system.
Economic system recommended (market) and explain of why this choice is appropriate for your nation.

B) Many nations call themselves democracies, but definitions vary. Develop own definition of democracy and discuss: Political democracy, social democracy, direct democracy. Use your definition of democracy and the concepts of power, politics, authority and legitimacy to explain political change (past or present) or crisis in one of the following nations: Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel

2. A) Historical tragedies do not arise when right clashes with wrong. They occur when right clashes with right.Discuss this quotation and explain how it illustrates the Arab/Palestinian/Israeli conflict.Consider the claims, historical, moral and ethical, legal and military of each side.

B)In the mid east each military victory has led to a political defeat; each attempt at peace has failed or proved fragile and incomplete. There is little hope for peace at the current moment. Moreover, the Israeli/Palestinian struggle has international dimensions and factors significantly in many other conflicts in the region and the world.discuss this statement addressing the following:
1. Each major war and its consequences
2. Each attempt at peace.
3. The international dimensions of this struggle and how it relates to other conflicts.

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