This module explores the theoretical and philophical bases of leadership roles within real life organisations.the module aims to demystify leadership it introduces some of the key management processes particular attention will be given to small and medium sized organisations inthe voluntary and community sectors VCS)the module will be divided aproximately in three practice.the first part will be a task to be copleted during the visits to organisations the frist assignment will focus on a series of visits during which students will be en couraged to make structured observations.books to be used BEARDWELL l L Holden et al eds 2004) Human resource management a comtemaorary approach harlow financial times prentice hall. boddy D 2010) management an introduction ,flynn N 2007)public sector management. los angeles london SAGE.DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITIES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT or vulnerable people.and to identify their own strengths in the context of managing a community or voluntary organisation.NO COVER SHEET PLEASE.Thank you.customer.