Omparative Soteriologies Lutheran and Reformed Judaism

1stbrief overview of Anselms view of salvation in light of the satisfaction made by Christ ( Salvation and the Cross David Brondos)( 3 pg max) followed by
2ndhow that view relates to the Lutheran practice of the Lords Supper (34 pg) followed by
3rda detailed explanation of the Seder Meal in Reformed Judaism giving attention to how it functions in its own context and how that might relate to their view of soteriolgy (salvation)(transformation) or something near that view ( 4 pg approx) followed by
4th how the Lutheran Church practice of the Lords Supper might be challenged/complemented by the Jewish Seder Meal practice in terms of a new way of thinking or transformation of understanding ( 2 pg )
This paper is about how different faith traditions influence each other in our thinking about our own faith tradition. How transformation (salvation) happens in faith traditions.
1. resources should come mostly from books.
2. little paraphrasing or quoting from internet
3. own thinking with conclusions at the end of paper
4. name in parenthesis at the end of a sentence amounts to copying
5. Chicago style
6. Masters level work, attention to grammar/spelling/American English
please note I have been very disappointed in other companies work and have asked for revision every time as my directions were not followered. Please be careful to detail of instruction here.