Omparative Studies of Mining Reclamation between Mongolia and Korea

Im studying in KDI school of public policy of management master of development policy student.Its one year very intensive courses.So I dont have time to finish my paper before I leave Korea. Im Mongolian student. Please help me to finish it asap.I have to submit it 24th of Jan. I will send my topic and table content also about srp my presentation.Actually, Mongolia has lot of natural resources which is gold coal uranium etc. Its very affecting economic growth but many mining companies destroying the environment such as air quality and water pollution and soil contamination etc. So they dont have biological reclamation experience such as Korea. Korea has really good experience about mining biological reclamation. MERICO company (mining reclamation company ) implementing reclamation in Baganuur coal mining area it was very good work and KOICA paid lot of money. So we need Koreas experience also environment sustainable eco-freindly mining policy which will good biological reclamation system. This is my brief idea about my paper