Omparative study: China/India: The role of the state in the development

Dear writter,
In need a paper pro-china, my teacher is Dr. Wei-Wei Zhang, he is a writter for the Herald Tribune (maybe you can check some of his work to oriente the paper in his opinion, i put some link at the end of my email).
At the end of the paper, once you have compare the 2 countries, he wants us to make a judgment.

In class we are reading:
The dragon and the Elephant: China, India and the New World Order”, David Smith

Dancing with the giants: China, India and the Global EconomyL. Winers and S. Yusuf.

Wei-Wei Zhang (my teacher): long term Outlook for Chinas Political reform(Asia-Europe journal, june 2006). The allure of the chinese model(International Herald Tribune, 2 Nov 2006)

I found some of my teacher article online:



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Laura Vourch