Omparative study of earthquake disaster management in 2 countries of iran and japan

Dear sir :
I need to compare 2 countries of iran and japan , I have chosen the earthquake of bam in iran on 2003 and the kobe earthquake, I need to prepare a 10 minutes powerpoint presentation on monday and address the issues.
and then write a comparative essay not more than 2000 words. The essay should look more at the urban and regional changes after the earthquake and the strategies and the lkesson they have learned from the previous earthquake and how they are going to use them in future in order to reduce the damage. So loking at the similarities and differences in japan and iran and how could we use this information in both countries , for example japan is more successful in disaster management is there any possibilities for iran to use some of the strategic plans of japan.
I need this essay on monday as my presentation is at 7 that night and I need to have the essay ready by 4 then I can make a powerpoint presentation out of that.
tell me if you need any help. for iran experience you can search earthquake disaster management in EMERALD FULL TEXT, and for japan experience you can search in balackwell publishes.