Omparative study of mutual funds in Sultanate of Oman

In the sample data selected for my study, I have chosen 5 mutual funds in Oman over three years, with similar investment strategies. These funds invest in GCC equity markets, targeting excess returns to their benchmark index (BGCC200 index). In doing so I will focus on 5 main areas for comparison. It will begin with cumulative returns, followed by compounded standard deviation, correlation to benchmarks (BGCC200 index AND MSM30 IND) and oil, beta with benchmarks (BGCC200 index AND MSM30 IND) and oil and finally the sharp ratio.

Definitions of each of the terms mentioned above:
Cumulative Returns
Compounded standard deviation
Sharp Ratio

-Following an explanation of the definitions, rank these funds according to the 5 areas I have chosen. Probably put it in a table format and then you can select which fund has performed best in each regard of those five areas.

I will upload an Excel sheet that contains the data of my sample.I got this data from bloomberg pro.

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