Omparative study of web browsers artifatcs: On Windows 7 & Mac OS X 10.6

Dear writer, this is my master thesis which is specialized on forensics. I have done an analysis on a three web browser artifacts (Safari, Firefox & Chrome) on two OS (Mac OS X and Windows7). I have analyzed the key files generated by these browsers of which can add value to a digital forensics examiner and i looked at the different file formats and suggested tools to parse their data and i have given path of each browsers artifacts in both OS. I have not provided the tables and figures in the paper. I only want you to edit my technical writing i want it to be more academic and professional as for a master level. but try not to change the contents only the writing grammar and to change the words to be more professional if possible. also check my reference i have to add endnote reference to the tools and check my reference APA style if they are done correctly.
to understand more about my work area, it will be similar to David Koepion Firefox Forensics as the content you can find it at this link
I want it to be ready before Dec 10 2011
moreover, if you could suggest me of another title for the paper.