Omparative Study of Working Time in Europe

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Aim of Paper

To research how Working Time in Europe has been applied since it was introduced as a directive in the early 90s.
It should answer the following question How do Working Time Regulations need to change to meet the needs of Governments, Employers and Employees”.
Is there a model based on one country or hybrid, that might meet future challenges, as working time eveloves.”

How has working time developed and changed in the main european countries of Germany, France and Britain since the early 1990s in the the lead up to and introduction of the Working Time Directive.

What are the main contextual differences in how working time has developed in these countries.
How is working time changing due to the expansion of the European Union.
What are the concerns of Governments, employers and employees to; Work Life Balance; Flexible work patterns and work load; and Working Time in General in the European Union.

Suggested Contents; 10,000 words

Background to Working Time Directive
Working Time in Germany
Working Time in France
Working Time in Britain
Working Time in other EU countries
Working Time in newer member of EU
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