Omparative thematic argument based on 3 poems

Brenda Hillman Phone Booth, Edward Hirsh Man on a Fire Escape, Robert Hass Bushs War. Read all 3 poems. Develop such an argument, you need to choose a theme you find worth exploring and which you see as present in two of the poems assigned. Then think of a thematic question to guide your analysis. In other words, what do you want to find out by thinking about the theme you be chosen? After thorough examination of the theme in the works youve chose you can hen decide on your own specific argument. That is you can form a thesis, the main point that you want to prove in your paper. A good thematic argument will refer directly and specifically to the poems youre analyzing using quotations, paraphrase, and or summary to point out the specifics from the works that helped you form the idea and to explain how those parts of the works helped you form your idea and to explain how those parts of the works helped you develop the idea. Be sure to define terms, evaluate your assumptions and or qualify your ideas as necessary. Please be careful to avoid mere plot summary. Assume your reader has read the works. You use specifics to illustrate your analysis, not instead of it. Use MLA format but do not provide works cited page unless you use sources other than the works assigned in our class.