Ompare 10+10 to beautiful duckling (topic up to you)

Objective: Write a twothree page, typed-up essay to reflect on what the films and essays are about, whether the issues are significant, and how so.
Form: Approximately 1000 word essay written in this order: first, highlight theme(s) or scene(s) in the two films we have just viewed over the period of two weeks; compare and contrast them by providing analytical detail and textual evidence; then, indicate why and how you like (or even dislike) one or both of them.

Grade breakdown:
2.5 points: 250-300 word thesis and summary;
2.5 points: 250-300 word textual analysis;
2.5 points: 250-300 word perspective and reflections;
2.5 points: original contribution to the class discussion.

Compare and Contrast film 10+10 with beautiful duckling
Please one episode from 10+10 (not other films like You are the Apple of my Eye or Cape No. 7) to contrast with Beautiful Duckling
Read Yeh and Davis on BD
Zoom in on similarities and differences you perceive in the two texts
Tell/Show how/why you are liking or disliking the two film based on Textual Evidence

Unwritten Rules vs. Beautiful Duckling
UR about Chinese Film Market and Co-production: No Taiwan Flag; No Politics
But whati??s behind the icon? Recovering China! Unification!
BR about Family/State Unity or Harmony
Modernizing Taiwan with American aid
Blood vs. Emotional Tie: Xiao vs. Zenyi
Sense of Belonging and Imagined Community

Symbolism and Imagery
Duck vs. Sea Horse or Farm vs. Grocery Forever (or Golden Ring)
Rice Farm vs. Lane 256
Good brother vs. bad brother (or neighbor)
Foster father vs. Old man getting lost
Solo Singing Boy in the classroom vs. Chorus in the Rice Field
Bus Odyssey (State Bureaucracy/victimhood) vs. Farmers Association
3D glasses for the gods vs. cover-up the past
Sunset landscape imageries

Contrasting Themes
Bullies (Bureaucrats) vs. People with Good Will
Bribing the gods or bad guy: Ritual of Offering 3 D glasses vs. of settling with money
Family Reunion vs. Orphans (Xiao Yue was an orphan but find a true family)
Traditional Chinese value (Confucianism) vs. New Global Pop Trends (7/11)
What is Home, wherever that may be?

Film 10+10