Ompare 2 articles about bilingual families

First, Iad like to say a?Happy Thanksgiving!a? I know its family time and I didnat want to bother anybody with my assignment, but its due only Dec, 5 after two weeks. However, small part of it I need to submit by next Monday Nov, 28, I hope it will not take much time for professionals like you.
Well, for my English class (College Composition 1) we need to submit 4 pages essay comparing two short articles a?Mother Tonguea? by Amy Tan and a?Public and Private Languagea? by Richard Rodriguez (in attachment).
But, by Monday, 28 we need to submit:
1.Identify the set of articles you are writing about. Write a brief summary identifying the purpose of each article in the set.
2.List the major points of comparison within each essay.
For example, it should be something what both authors are talking about like a?relationships in bilingual familya?, a?broken Englisha?-something that both articles have.
3.List some possible thesis statements for your own essay.
That will be about 1,5 -2 pages.

Then, by using your ready idea write 4 pages Comparison essay:
1.Not include a recap of the article a your purpose here is to examine the similarities and explain the differences.
2.Include a relevant title for your essay
3.Include a quote from each essay.
Essay is due Monday Dec, 5