Ompare 2 works of Literature. Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving and Wakefield by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Analyze the themes of two assigned stories, the first being Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving, and the second being Nathaniel Hawthornes Wakefield. (These 2 short stories can be found online if needed)

A theme can be defined as a?a salient abstract idea that emerges from a literary workas treatment of its subject-matter . . . . The theme of a work may be announced explicitly, but more often it emerges indirectly through the recurrence of motifsa? (Chris Baldick, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms [New York: Oxford UP, 1990] 225). In developing your essay, compare and contrast whenever possible the two fictional works chosen for analysis.

In each essay that you submit for this course, provide complete bibliographical information concerning every source used, including a (page) reference in parentheses each time that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize a passage from it. (See the MLA Handbook, 7th ed., section 6.1-3, for information about combining parenthetical documentation with a list of works cited. See also my memo, posted on Blackboard, concerning a few aspects of MLA style.)

Nevin K. Laib has concisely summarized what one might hope to attain in the realm of academic writing: a?The real objective of a writing course is literacy in the highest sense: to be knowledgeable and observant, inventive in thought but careful in method, respectful of oneas audience and sources, impressive in reason and wit, appropriate in style, graceful in expression, and effective in resulta? (Chronicle of Higher Education 5 July 1989: A36).

Write each essay with a dictionary (and possibly additional reference books) close at hand, and carefully proofread every page.

Use a computer when writing your essays, and print copies in a high-quality mode. Font recommended for essays to be submitted in this course: Times New Roman, 12-point size (as in this document) or a comparable font.

Write on standard-sized paper (8.5x 11″), using one side only. Double-space, and leave a one-inch margin on all four sides of the page. Paginate all assignments, writing your name on every page as well. Attach pages with paper clips, not with staples. In this course it is not necessary to enclose any writing assignments in folders.

Each essay should be approximately six to eight pages long, plus references. It is essential to allow yourself enough space to develop each part of the essay in detail.

Each essay should be well organized, clear, concise, polished, and logically developed. Your introductory paragraph should include a detailed statement of purpose. The lack of such a statement inevitably produces organizational problems and undermines the clarity of an essay.

Analyze each example in support of an argument extensively instead of merely citing numerous cases without exploring them.

Consider taking advantage of opportunities to study examples that have been mentioned in class. There is never enough time available in the classroom to exhaust any topic.

Conclude each essay by succinctly summarizing its most important elements.

Give each essay a descriptive title after completing an outline or a preliminary draft of the paper. You do not need to include a separate title page. Instead, simply write the title near the top of the first page of the essay.