Ompare a current event to a historic event

Compare the African American Civil rights movement to the Apartheid in South Africa by answering the following questions
What is your topic (historical artifact or action) and its cultural context (summarize information presented in book, lecture, or other source in a paragraph)? What details about it stand out to you from among the many events, ideas and artifacts presented in the book or lecture? What current day artifact or event are you comparing it to, and what are the parallels between the two that drew your attention (quote from article if you wish)? Are these parallels likely to be the result of historical influence or inheritance? Or are they because of some other reason and if so, what? What are the important differences and what are the possible reasons for those differences? How do you feel about each of these artifacts or events? In your opinion do they represent positive or negative moments in cultural history? Does looking at them together suggest any insights about human nature, culture, politics, religion, art, etc.?