Ompare a success project with a fail project

Subject: Project Management

I have chosen the Mass Transit Railway (MTR)(HK) as the success project and Miami Metrorail (USA) as fail project

task (2250-2750 words)

should select a pair of similar projects, one of which is considered to be a success and the other a failure. Choose projects about which there is plenty of publicly available information. This can be in the form of books, on the internet, and in the news media about such projects. The project may be recently completed, still under way, or finished some years ago so its full impact can be seen. Do not choose projects which are not finished yet.

A suggested layout
a? Brief introduction a what we can going to look at, why one project is a success and another is a failure

a? Project A a What this project was trying to achieve
a? Project B a What this project was trying to achieve

a? Compare the projects in how they dealt with:
1)having a clear strategy, and a good idea of the expected benefits
2)project sponsorship, funding and governance
3)identifying and engaging with stakeholders
4)creating a strong plan with clear specification, scope, baseline, etc.
5)understanding and handling the technical and people challenges
6)culture, risk, unexpected problems

a? Conclusion a main reasons why A was a success and B was not
a? Lessons we can learn to help future projects of this type

-No executive summary is required
-Focus on how the projects were done, not too much on the wisdom of strategies
-You can write about one project after the other (as shown on the previous slide), or cover each topic by topic.
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