Ompare and contast Utopia to the eatern state penitentiary

Compare and contrast Utopia and eatern state penitentiary. For example in Utopia the people have restraints but they are free to speak to each other. Prisoners within the jail, are not allowed to have any human contact.

Eastern state Penitentiary facts:

” Prisoners were scared to death:  If you hurt me I ll hurt you
” Walls 25-35 ft in the air. Inside 60-70 ft in the air
” In this prison to await punishments
” Men, women, adults, children, and murderers left to scheme and fight in uneven rooms. The rooms are not designed to punish& They are holding cells for those awaiting punishment.
” If you were to punished, a prisoner would undergo flogging, whipping, public humiliation, heavy fines, public execution.
” Society was influenced by Quaker belief that all people carry a divine instinct and an inner light for what is right and wrong
” They believe convicts should be left alone to rediscover there good nature
” Solitary opportunity for reflection
” Each prisoner has its own cell 8 by 12 feet with a bed, a work bench, and a toilet
” A few prisoners escaped through the sewers
” Cells had a wooden floor, a high art ceiling, with a back door that lead to the outside
” Meals passed through feeding holes
” No human contact& .completely isolated from neighbor. Cannot speak to anyone except overseer
” Crimes included robbery, burglary, theft, horse theft, and murder & sentence 2 years few were longer than 8 years
” They were sent elsewhere to die
” A hood was worn whenever outside so no one can recognize the prisoner when he was in the real world. They also did not want the prisoners to know how the prison looked
” The prisoners were allowed to have shoemaker tools and a bible. No Newspaper, mail, or visitors.
” Guards would wear socks over shoes to muffle footsteps so the prisoners would not hear them walking down the halls
” They wished for the prisoners to become good citizens but once they were released from prison there was no way to track there success
” Prison designed like a hub and spokes of a wheel 7 one story cell blocks radiating from central point& there is 1 overseer that could spin from the center of the room and see down all the carters& .it was designed to promote watching, convenience, economy.
” Melancholy house, a black hood is drawn, and in this dark shroud, and emblem of the curtain dropped between him and the living world
”  Quilting Parties were illegal gatherings of prisoners in which food and alcohol were involved
” The prisoners were assigned duties& ..textiles, cigar making, shoemaking, demolition, refitting, rebuilding
” Holidays were celebrated throughout the year
” Dangerous and violent place& There are many accounts of struggles between inmates and prison staff.
” Numerous escape attacks
” Mirrors made to maintain surveillance
” Played chess everyday& television was allowed