Ompare and contract those two artists : Robin, August and Mueck, Rom

Artists: Robin, August and Rom Mueck

Identify a theme or central idea about the artist(s) and artworks and then build the paper around that idea.
(e.g. Van Gogh, Visionary or Madman )

Provide clear and only relevant background information about the artist and the historical period they represent as well as major artworks and what you think makes that artist interesting as well important.
Select at least two works of art ( per artist) to discuss and formally analyze. Think in terms of subject, form and content. Look for the elements of design and the principles of organization. How is the artist using shape, color, line, and texture? How is the piece balanced? Do we get a sense of movement? How is he or she using these  formal aspects to help convey a mood, or idea? What do you think was the purpose for making this place? What do you think they were trying to say?

(For the two artists) Find works that are similar in same way, for example, two still-life s, portraits, landscape, or works on similar them, like mother and child, the crucifixion. etc. Look carefully at both, compare, and contract respond to these works of art, both critically and personally. Do you think they are equally successful as works of art? Why? How do they make you feel? Do you like them? Why or Why not?

2000 words

( 4 sources) use these sources, my intructor has approved them. ( please do not use other ones)



Please annotate all of your sources as part of the bibliography
End/ footnotes must be complete in their citing of sources of sources and pages. For example:
Sandars , N.K.  Upper Palaeolithic Art: 15,000-8,000 . Prehistoric Art in
Europe. New York: Viking penguin Inc, 1985