Ompare and Contrast 2 articles about love (literature analyze)

Essay topic: In a classic country western song, the singer bitterly complains of Your Cheatin Heart”, and, in such works as Proulx Annies Brokeback Mountain,and Anton Chekhovs The Lady with the lapdog,weve seen our share of romantic betrayals. In one or two texts, explore the context of, motivations for, and reactions to the various degrees of infidelity presented. Whose point of view, the victims or the perpetrators, seems to dominate? Do you discern harsh condemnation or perhaps an attempt to understand the cheater(s)? Explain.

Requirement: Introduction should introduce both texts before the thesis statement, and underline the thesis statement. The introduction should be 2/3 of a page. you need to compare and contrast 2 articles in each body paragraph. Each body paragraph needs to have opening sentence, and transition between each paragraph is needed. On the other hand, each body paragraph also needs to compare and contrast 2 articles and use lots of quotations in the sentence to support your idea. you need to integrate quotations as well.