Ompare and contrast 2 business journal, with explanation and argument

Unit Name: Accounting Theory and Analysis 308
Task: Compare and contrast 2 business journal, with explanation and argument
Words: 1000-1500

a?Minimum of 4 business journals or newspapers (which are to be referenced in the essay), compare and contrast at least 2 articles detailing important business decisions in the last month. Based on the articles determine the factors that were taken into account in arriving at the decisions. With reference to accounting theories discuss the effect such decisions will have on various stakeholder.a?

a? Essays should be typed using Microsoft Word with a minimum size 11 font and using minimum 1.5 line spacing (no single spaced submissions please).
a? Left and right page margins should be at least 3 cm.
a? Chicago referencing style is required for in-text and end-text referencing.

Paragraph 1 (intro)
a? Explain ultimate Decision and business decision of two articles
a? Explain about Legitimacy theory
a? Links legitimacy theory to both articles

Paragraph 2
a? How legitimacy theory fix the decision
a? Main Point

Paragraph 3
a? Code of conduct explanation and link it to the articles

Paragraph 4
a? List Stakeholder of both parties
a? Effect of decision for each stakeholders (3 in each articles)

Paragraph 5
a? Bad Behavior

Paragraph 6
a? Implicit or Explicit expectation each article

Paragraph 7
a? Conclusion

a? Minimum 8 Journal articles
a? In text and end-text referencing