Ompare and contrast A big college campus to a small college campus

I do not want this paper to be A+ work, I am not a great writer but about a low B would be good. I want the compare and contrast to favor small campus life. I have attended a small college for 2 years and I like the smaller class room size. I need 3 sources cited and 5 pages of essay, so if that is considered 6 pages feel free to charge me for the 6th page. Here is a sample of my writing, I realy need this to sound like me. Please dont make it so technical that I cant even understand it let alone explain.

Alicia Shayanowako
Ms.Nancy Nulsen
Engl 1101-35: Essay #3
30 October 2011
Early Childhood vs Preschool
Have you ever found yourself comparing children of different age groups? Most of us do it without even knowing. When you go to the store, church, doctoras office and anywhere else you might find children of different age groups, you have undoubtedly said to yourself, a?That child is more well behaved then the other,a? or maybe a?if that was my childa¦a? We do this because every child is different and everyone has different opinions about how children in a particular age group should act. My personal experience comes from my own children. I have a son named Dakota that is six years old, a daughter Jayden that is three, and another son Kaden that is four months. My children are in many ways different but they do also have some similarities.
Dakota is my first born, in many ways he was a learning experience for me. I had spent a considerable amount of time around children but I never had to be the soul provider. The time I was around children taught me how I would want my own to act and be raised. While Dakota was a baby I resided with my maternal grandparents. Their wisdom helped me shape Dakota into who he is today. We made sure that he would never be one of those kids you see in the store screaming at the top of their lung, throwing themselves on the floor, and making you thank God that is not your child. Dakota is currently in the first grade and doing very well in school but this was not always the case.
When Dakota started kindergarten at the Mt.Vernon Primary Center he had only attended preschool for three months prior. Unfortunately because of this he was behind in his studies and did not have a lot of time to develop his social skills. Two months into kindergarten I received a phone call from Dakotaas teacher. She was calling to inform me that Dakota had been in trouble for hands on contact with another child. This pattern of behavior continued on and off for roughly two months. When I finally accomplished teaching Dakota the right way to handle various situations at school I was presented with another problem. Dakota now was having trouble focusing in class and not getting his work done in a timely fashion. This is a problem I struggle with currently. All his teachers and teachersa aids agreed that Dakota was very intelligent when he did his work but the struggle was in calming him down long enough to do his work. While he was at the Primary Center it seemed as though every other day I was receiving a note home saying he had been in trouble again. It was not until we moved to Bethel school district, which is a smaller school, that the notes almost stopped coming. Dakota still has trouble focusing every once in a while but because of the smaller class room size he gets more attention in class therefore he has a lesser chance of getting in trouble. I think a lot of children Dakotasa age have problems like these. The more years that go by the more our society expect of kids at a younger age. I can remember when I was my sonas age and we were learning things like basic adding skills; my son was learning basic adding in kindergarten. This change in his school life has greatly affected his behavior at home.