Ompare and Contrast A Discriminatory Treatment undergone by the Blacks under the Criminal Laws of United States.


You will need to locate TWO written scholarly sources that could serve as possible support material. Begin this essay with an introduction that outlines what you intend to research and argue it. Therefore, for your thesis, the discussion will tell what your research topic and argument will be and the sources you will need for support. Your Because Clausewill give the reasons you say you need those source materials.

The body paragraph of your essay will summarize and then evaluate the two sources you have found. To summarize, you must be sure to present as fully as possible the main ideas and any important details presented in the original source. Try to limit your summary to one or two paragraphs. Following each summary, give a one-to-two paragraph evaluative analysis of the source based on its usefulness. What will this source provide that will be helpful for your research essay (statistics, an extensive bibliography of more sources, expert quotes, strong detailed discussion of the topic, good counterarguments, and so forth) ? Write a summary and analysis for each source.

The conclusion of your essay will discuss which source will benefit your own research and writing more, and then explain why. In other words, based on your own research needs, which is the better and more helpful article ? It does not mean that you cannot use both of the sources in your research essay. They might both be valuable. The professor is asking to tell which you think will be more valuable and the reasons that you say that. Reflecting back to your thesis statement can help you determine this.