Ompare and contrast a specific contemporary issue (1960s-present) related to two tribes in the US.

AIS 160A1 Many Nations of Native America
Spring 2014

Essay 3
Research Paper

Format: The body of your essay will be no less than 4, but no longer than 5 pages in length and have an additional works cited page. For formatting guidelines (e.g. double spaced, New Times Roman, etc.), again be sure to consult the syllabus for additional formatting requirements.

Instructions: Focusing on one of the tribes we have studied in class AND one additional tribe of your own choosing, compare and contrast a specific contemporary issue (1960s-present) related to both tribes. At least one tribe has to be a U.S. Native nation. Be sure to describe the historical context of the issue. For example, coal mining on the Navajo reservation is rooted in economic polices dating from the early twentieth century. Discuss all major key players within and outside the tribal nation.
Nations that we talked about in class: Navajo, Hopi, and the Tohodam o dam (papago)
You may focus one of the following items in order to compare and contrast two tribal nations:
a? Political activism and assertions of sovereignty
a? Reserved rights (e.g. land, water, fish, etc.) and/or treaty rights
a? Land, water and/or environmental rights and management
a? Economic development
a? Historical events, e.g. removal or border enforcement, that still affect both tribes
a? Impacts and responses to important judicial cases (e.g. Oliphant) or legislation (e.g. Violence Against Women Act)
a? Cultural revitalization, e.g. language revitalization
a? (Tribal) Education
a? Health and/or food sovereignty
a? Traditional ecological knowledge
a? Gender Roles and/or Indigenous feminisms
a? Film and media representation (e.g. mascots)
a? Native American Literature
Provide clear definitions or explanations of all terms and concepts that you use in your paper. Make your text is understandable for every reader, while demonstrating critical insight concerning the subject matter. This is an analytical, research-based paper.

You should have at least 5 references. In addition to course materials, you must include a minimum of two academic articles or book chapters. You are welcome to also use news sources, but make sure they are credible ones. If you have questions whether a source is appropriate, feel free to raise them with your TA.