Ompare and contrast a theme in the novel The Lefthand of darknessDuneand “1984”

Craft a 4 pg. persuasive essay that constructs an argument in
response to a theme which figures prominently in The Left Hand of
Darkness, Dune and 1984. Areas of concern that you may want to consider in regards to The Left Hand of Darkness include, but are not restricted to: understanding the Other”(Ekumen/Gethen, Genly/Karhide/Orgoreyn, Genly/Estraven; please
note that this process can be approached from a number of interesting angles such as sexual difference, political ideology, language, geographic location, etc.), issues pertaining to gender & androgyny(is the novel conservative or progressive in its exploration/representation of gender, what does the text posit as the implications of sexual difference/androgyny, etc.), and the balancing of opposites(how does the novel depict this process and what larger commentary might Le Guin be making). In addition to constructing an argument in response to your texts, I would like you to devote some space in your conclusion to analyzing what your argument reveals about the genre of science fiction in general. MLA FORMAT IS EXPECTED

Be sure you include three novels: Dune, 1984 and The Lefthand of darkness.