Ompare and Contrast (Alice and Core characters from Last of The Mohicans)

For the Comparison/Contrast Essay assignment in this unit, write a five paragraph essay with five to seven sentences in each paragraph comparing and contrasting two of the characters, excluding Cora and Alice, in our novel, The Last of the Mohicans. (You will get to compare the two sisters in Unit Four.)

Use MLA format.

The link below gives full information on using MLA style:

Use 12 point Times New Roman, double space, use the tab key to indent at the begining of each paragraph and do not use the enter key at the end of each line.

Be sure to use Askonline tutoring before you submit your essay. The link for Askonline is: http://net

Important Note: When you submit your essay to Eagle Online, it will be automatically scanned for Cut and pasteor plagiarism. If your paper or parts of it have been lifted or taken from another source, you will not receive credit for the submission. There are no Second chancesif you submit a Copiedor plagiarized essay.