Ompare and contrast An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende

Assignment: Write a 5-6 page literary analysis on the following:

Choose one of the stories we have read during Weeks 5 a 8.
--An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende

Locate a second story (one that we have not read this semester) written by the same authora or a different author, if you can find a connection between the stories.

Compare/contrast the two stories.

You may show how the author(s) used similar or different techniques to achieve a particular effect, to advance the plot, to communicate a common theme, etc.

Include a Works Cited page giving credit to the author(s) of the stories you choose to analyze and any other secondary sources.

Look at the texts in a fresh, unique way. Think about the structure of the stories and the significance of using literary devices and techniques (e.g. movement, personification, color, symbols, imagery, day/night, inside/outside, upstairs/ downstairs, word choice, presence/absence, point of view, setting, style, etc.). You may show how these literary devices advance the plot, develop a character, set the tone, convey a theme, etc. Make a bold claim about the storiesa something not at all obvious to the casual reader.

Support the claim (your thesis) using brief excerpts from the texts. Avoid using long quotations. In most cases, you should be able to support a point with a sentence or two at the most, and oftentimes a few carefully chosen words will suffice.A note of caution: Do not simply summarize. Students who merely summarize will receive an F.