Ompare and Contrast analytically Edgar Allan Poes works The Ravenand The Tell-Tale Heart”

From the works you are to critical analysis the meaning, aesthetics, craft of the text, and similarities or dissimilarities between the two works.
My current thesis( which you may improve and change) is Poe has been credited for creating the modern Gothic genre which is clearly illustrated in his works, the poem The Ravenand his short storythe tell-tale heart”. Both pieces develops the theme of mystery, murder and insanity; however these similarities are relayed to readers using different language and sound techniques, and using different symbols and character.
Must be in third person and present tense also include at least 6 separate sourcesthese references must be pulled from books, scholarly or mainstream publications. Encyclopedias and other reference books are not allowed as a source.
Please avoid : summary or synopsis of the plot of the works or the writers life. also do not use long quotes from the original work and include no more then 1 block quote in the entire paper.
Suggestions Themes or ways to view the Text:
The social stancecovers the oral, aural and gesturedspeaking, listening and observing. also consider specialized vocabulary, metaphors, or unusual terms or phrases; evidence to support positions taken and questions asked.
Connections or Relationships: such as, the individual vs. society; free will vs; determinism; desire vs pleasure; normal vs. abnormal; conscious vs. unconscious; gender,race,ethnic background.
Images represented in the work including: stereotypes; how people acknowledgeor fail to acknowledgedifference among human beings; divisions, conflict, and multiple forces; politics and ideology.
Values: ethical,aesthetic,religious,professional, and institutional.
include: work cited pagefollowing MLA format.
Discus about the Gothic genre(similarities),the theme insanity and guilt (similarities), difference in sound and language techniques. different symbols used and setting. dialog

thank you for helping me write this paper.
sorry if Im confusing you hope my instructions are understandable(feel free to change stuff if you believe its for the best-give me a heads up if its a big change)thank you.