Ompare and contrast aspects of Arab identity as manifested in Palestinian and Druze communities

Assigment: Compare and contrast aspects of Arab identity as manifested in Palestinian and Druze communities by discussing the choices made by a key character in each of the two films that we watched. You are to write a 3 page essay (typed, double spaced) that places the films a?The Syrian Bridea? and a?Paradise Nowa? within the context of Arab ethnic, national, religious, political and cultural identity.
In order to discuss how your selected characters face decisions, please thickly describe the society from which they emanate. Specifically, you are asked to compare and contrast Druze and Palestinian Arab social identity as constructed in these films. How do you account for the differences that exist between these two sub-ethnicities, in terms of national identification, cultural affiliations, rules and expectations? This assignment will require minimal research as you are asked to consider how major themes that have been covered this semester are reflected in comparison of these two groups. Make note that you are asked to focus specifically on the Druze communities in the Golan Heights, who are living under the authority of the Israeli government, such as those of the village of Majdal Shams (featured in the film). I ask you to not consider Druze populations or the Druze citizenry of Israel, Lebanon, Syria or Jordan or anywhere else. On the other hand, you may discuss Palestinian communities as broadly or narrowly as you choose. We have used the term Palestinian expansively throughout the semester, and you are free to consider those in the West Bank (featured in the film), Gaza, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc. in your essay.Art forms, such as film, poetry, paintings and sculpture, often give a glimpse into the collective consciousness. Popular artwork often reflects dominant attitudes, social tensions, political discourses and cultural values. This essay is an opportunity to demonstrate how these films might serve as a window into a deeper understanding.