Ompare and contrast attitudes towards war in the short story Soldiers Homeand the poem Dulce et Decorum Est.”

Compare and contrast attitudes towards war in the short story Soldiers Homeand the poem Dulce et Decorum Est.”

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The following is the thesis statement Id like you to use:

The attitudes towards war in Soldiers Homeand Dulce et Decorum Est.are somewhat similar, but the actions and words of the characters show that their opinions differ of what it means to be a soldier.

Please let me know if you need or would like to change the thesis.

The paper must be at least 1,000 1,200 words in length. Please note the number of words at the end of the text.
Poems are cited by line numbers, not page numbers, in your paper. Prose (articles, books, short stories, etc.) are cited by page number. Review the instructions for the short poetry paper assignment.
Use a / to separate two or three lines of poetry.
Indent 4 or more lines of poetry. Indent 1 inch.
Papers must have a Works Cited page, with a minimum of two entries (page number(s) are used for a poem in the Works Cited). Both works being compared must be quoted and cited extensively in the paper.
Papers will follow the MLA format.
Completely eliminate or minimize the use of Iin the paper. Do not use Youat all in papers. Strive to use more nouns and less pronouns as that is how professional people write.

You would organize this paper just like any other comparison and contrast paper. The essay should provide the following information:

* Introduction identify the poems and poets.You might provide some background information about poets in general, but again rather than listing a bunch of facts, try to mention things that help support the point of your paper or lead into what you paper is about.

* Paraphrase the poems (tell your reader what the poems are about, summarize the Plotif there is one, identify the speaker, setting, characters, if they are important to what you will discuss in your paper)

* Make your assertion(s) and explicate keyparts of the poems that support your interpretation.

* Conclusion