Ompare and Contrast Austrain and Post-Keynesian theories of competition with standard Neoclassical approach

This piece of work should be very critical as to what goes in it, as it has a very short word limit.

the introduction shouldnt be long just show the structure of the way the question will be answered

the main body should include
1) Characterise standard Neoclassical theory: market structure, strategic behaviour etc. This theory is the basis for the work and all the answer should be related to it

2) Outline Austrian and Post-keynesian theories of competition

4) Compare the austrian and Post Keynesian theories with standard approach: like uncertainty-both Austrians and Post-keynesians argue for case of fundamental uncertainty, dynamicsboth Austrian and Keynesian critisism of Standard theory include dynamics

5) Contrast Austrian and Post-keynesian theories: the diffrences between schools

sum up and conclude