Ompare and contrast between Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells?

this Report should consist of:

* Contents list
* Summary of no more than one side
* Section headings
* 2500 words of text (please make sure the report holds this amount of words and should start from the first page no need for student, topic or lecturer details)
* Reference list in agreed format (should be books or journals no websites sources)
* Appropriate illustrative material (such as figures)

** Is there a reasonable amount of relevant and up-to-date material, derived from the published scientific literature?

** Is the material well organised with a readable attractive style, aiming for fluency, understanding and succinctness, rather than including every detail?

** spelling, grammar and formatting all should be correct. All references should be correctly cited both in the text and as a list at the end of the text ( as mentioned above, books and journals only)

** Page layout, section headings, and the use of illustrative material to produce an attractive document (e.g. figures should cited as well).

** Lack of plagiarism (will be uploaded on turnitin)

*** Please note that, all these instructions must be followed, if not, i will ask for refund immediately.