Ompare and contrast certain phiolosophers on broad themes of philosophy

For your term paper, pick three thinkers (Machiavelli, Smith, Mill) in addition to choosing one thinker from each of the following pairs: Plato or Aristotle, Hobbes or Locke and Kant or Marx. (That is six thinkers in total.)
Next, pick three broad themes, such as justice, authority, political legitimacy, virtue, democracy, power, political consent and accountability, tyranny, etc., and compare and contrast the views of the six thinkers you have chosen accordingly. Please put direct quotes in quotes, use footnotes, citations need to be from the book classics of Political & Moral Philosophy by Steven M Cahn. Other sources need to be picked from the following links.
Project Gutenberg: /
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Include a Bibliography as well as an outline needs to be 8 pages single spaced.