OMPARE AND CONTRAST Christian counseling

Using Effective Biblical Counseling (Crabb, 1977), Read the provided articles on accepted counseling practices. then write a 7-page Compare and Contrast Paper, highlighting the differences and commonalities between Crabbs biblical model of counseling, theories, and techniques found in the provided articles. Use the following headings from the Crabb text to determine the compare and contrast categories:
a? Part I: Goal of Christian Counseling
a? Part II: Basic Concepts
a? Part III: Basic Strategy
a? Part IV: Developing a Counseling Program in the Local Church
Begin each section under the heading by describing Crabbas perspective of each category. Following a presentation of his concepts, discuss content from the other sources that compares with his ideas. You must also include content that highlight contrasts to Crabbas perspective of counseling. Cite all sources used according to current APA format.

Include the following in current APA style:
a? Title page
a? Headers (running head and page numbers on all pages)
a? In-text citations
a? Reference page
*No abstract page is required for this assignment.

Must use these provided articles on accepted counseling practices in addition to three other sources.



four themes should be taken from the 4 parts under the Compare and Contrast Paper instructions (Goal of Christian Counseling, Basic Concepts, Basic Strategy, Developing a Counseling Program in the Local Church). use of outside sources to support each of your four themes). For example, you can say, a?Research has shown that people who believe in something or Someone higher than themselves have healthy relationships.a? Also, you can say, a?As Davidson (2004) states, trusting God takes faith because we do not always see what He is doing, and obedience to his word even when the results are not immediate.a?

sources need to come from a scholarly source You do not want to use Wikipedia, the Dictionary, Google, or random websites as your references in an educational paper. These will not be counted as part of your three required outside scholarly sources.