Ompare and contrast Confucius and Zhuangzi

2) Compare and contrast Confucius and Zhuangzi s philosophies, focusing on how their ideas related to the historical context in which they lived, by which I mean the hundreds of years of seemingly incessant warfare during the Eastern Zhou period (roughly 770-221 BCE). In other words, discuss their philosophies first and foremost from the perspective that they were attempts at understanding the causes that lay behind the violence, war and chaos of their times, and of proposing practical and meaningful ways to resolve or cope with the world in which they lived. In relation to this overarching issue you may want to consider some of the following factors: What place do human beings (or humanity) occupy in their philosophies? How do their philosophies reflect and/or approach the multi-state and/or multi-cultural nature of China at the time? What are their attitudes toward ritual? Toward government? Their ideas regarding language? Regarding morality? You do NOT have to address all these issues, they are just possible branches you might follow from the central question. In your conclusion discuss which of the two thinkers you find provides a more convincing or profound or practical solution to the problems. Which do you personally find more persuasive or interesting?