Ompare and contrast depictions of growing up from Alcotts Little Women & Stevensons Treasure Island

This essay is a max of 2000 words. I am currently in my final year at university

In a brief introduction, suggest how the historical contexts of the two books might shape their representations of growing up.

Compare the representations of the transition from childhood to adulthood by Alcott and Stevenson. Focus on 3 or 4 different areas, for example, the different settings, the treatment of moral isses or the depiction of of the shaping of inividuality in the two books. You should develop four or five points of contrast in relation to each of the areas chosen, supporting your argument with specific references to the two books with appropriate quotations. Please keep quotations brief as they are included in the total word count

Please use the following as references for this essay with any other you may wish to use.

I have also uploaded further information for reference.

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