Ompare and contrast Doubt video and screen play

The entire paper must be in current MLA format, must have a clear thesis statement,

The sources must be from the academic databases (not the internet) and will need to be cited in full mla format on a works cited page

One of the comparisons must be that the screenplay and movie have the same script, and yet can lead to different conclutions (the screen play leads you to belive Father Flynn is guilty, more so that the moviehowever they both leave you in Doubt.)

the screenplay
Shanley, John Patrick. Doubt: A Parable. New York: Theater Communications Group, 2005.

the movie
Doubt. Dir. John Patrick Shanley. Per. Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams,
Miramax. 25 December 2008, Film.

Other Possible sources
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