Ompare and contrast employment in the military and civilian sectors.

The Essay must have a Thesis, Hook, Forecasting Statement in the introductory paragraph, then go into the body section of the essay, which must include your evidence and arguments to validate the thesis. In terms of proof, you can use expert opinion, examples, facts and statistics, analogy, or personal experience, but be sure to always give concrete examples. Have a minimum of five (5) points. Must be minimum of 4 pages of writing. Use one or more paragraph for each subtopic. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which is the ultimately preferable? You will explore these two types of employment in relation to an overarching thesis statement. Compare and contrast the points right away. i.e. point one: pay. compare and contrast military and civilian pay, then the next topic.

After the body section, finish the writing with a one-paragraph conclusion. Use the conclusion to summarize your main points.

At the end of the Essay, add an MLA works cited page if you used any outside sources.