Ompare and Contrast essay between the novel The Stand-Stephen King and movie Outbreak

Hello Madam/Sir. I am a grade 11 student and I ham in a University english course. My teacher is quite strict and she searches in her computer whether anyone has plagiarized. Now,when you are editing it,I dont want it too sound extremely high although I am an 85% average student,I still do not want her to suspect anything.
My essay is for a final project. Its a compare and contrast essay between the novel The Stand by Stephen King and the 1995 movie Outbreak. I have listed the similarities and one difference. I feel that my topic sentences are a bit weak and perhaps it can be fixed once its done edited by whomever. I also have not written my introduction with a thesis along with my concluding paragraph. I want an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. I am sorry that it sounds like I want many things but I just want to be clear. Based on the information I have written,could it be possible to add things I am missing like an extra sentence or two. I want the rough draft that you are editing with mistakes,grammar problems,and any other mistakes highlighted so that I can use that as my evidence.