Ompare and Contrast Essay. Cathedralby John Carver and The Laramie Project”

This is a Compare and Contrast Essay. Choose one essay/covered topic in class that impacted you the most, and one that impacted you the least. I chose Cathedralas the one that impacted me the most, and The Laramie Project as the one which impacted me the least.
Id like to use as one of the arguments that Cathedral is done from the 1st Person (narrator) and you can see and sense the epiphany of the main character from 1st person, and all this done in a minimalist way, while Laramie Project is an amalgamation of opinions from people who were not even directly related to the Murder of Mathew.
As for the rest of the arguments, this is where you come in. Find things which are impacting from Cathedral and arguments which state differences between both Cathedral and the documentary. Also arguments that make the film less impacting besides the one I provided. state how it doesnt really impact in any way besides pity for the victim, or how it doesnt address or critic the issue intellectually and only tackles the response from the townspeople. while Cathedral, a minimalist story, tackles it intellectually way more. Get creative using this route.

As for the structure, (After the obvious intro and thesis statement)For the body, state cathedrals impact first, then state laramie projects lack of impact , then finish meshing them together, then finish with a conclusion.

Laramie Project can be Youtubed. John Carvers Cathedralcan be googled . Only sources you need. Its a 100 Level class.