Ompare and Contrast Essay: Dating and Mating

The Compare and Contrast Essay is a short paper that allows you to apply the basic principles of academic writing and APA format that may be unfamiliar coming from a high school setting. Comparison is one of the more basic processes of evaluation and modes of writing that will provide the student with a more subtle transition from basic to academic college writing.
write a 1-page paper comparing and contrasting what the secular world presents about the dating and mating process and how the Lord directs us to date and mate. Include what you believe about how most people make their mate selection. Describe what you believe about how God directs us to select our mates.
Included in your paper should be 1 research reference and 1 biblical reference. Be sure to cite your sources appropriately and format your paper according to the APA guidelines. Be sure to use the Liberty Online Databases to find information. Your personal opinion matters in this paper but are sure to follow-up on your views with proper materials.