Ompare and contrast essay for The Washing by Reshma Memon Yaqub and Travels with my Ex by Susan Straight

In a minimum of 1,250 words, write a comparison-contrast rhetorical analysis of two of the essays that we have read for class. This essay must compare the similar rhetorical strategies used, and must spend an equal amount of space and intellect on each essay.
Selecting two essays: Pick two that you see as having substantially, or very surprisingly, similar rhetorical features. Use as the basis of your analysis at least two, but no more than three, of the following rhetorical features:
a? the rhetoras engagement with audience presuppositions in order to change minds
a? ethos, logos, or pathos epichieiremes and stases
a? form, such as the classical template
a? style, including word choice, figures of speech and thought, and rhythm
a? ideology
a? affect
The key to structuring your comparative analysis essay involves the following:
1. Balance: using equal space and depth of thought on both texts.
2. Choosing either point-by-point or block organization and maintaining it throughout.
3. Defining rhetorical features you are discussing.
4. Logical order of points, such as a climactic structure, and exceptional transitions.
5. Strong topic sentences.
6. Body paragraphs organized deductively so that readers always know where you are going.
7. Crystal-clear prose style.