Ompare and Contrast Essay on Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin in their search for a vaccine for Polio

A compare and contrast essay shows the similarities and differences between ideas, people, places and objects. When writing this type of essay, you must (1) decide the bases for comparison or contrast, (2) have a thesis that explains the subjects to be compared and contrasted and whether you will concentrate on similarities, differences or both,and (3) use either subject-to-subject or point-by-point comparison or contrast. Subject-to-subject comparison discusses the same points for both subjects. With point-by-point comparison you first make a point about one subject and then follow it with a comparable point about the other.

1. this is a 3 to 5 page essay
2. use the David M. Oshinky book Polio An American Storyas well as outside sources
3. Include at least three quotes and a works cited page.
4. follow MLA guidelines

Personal Directions
please use the follow subjects as the bases for comparison and contrast.
1. the backgrounds of both men (Salk and Sabin)
2. goals, ideas, and procedures for finding a vaccine
3. achievement, recogntion, and awards