Ompare and Contrast essay on Pablo Picassos Guernicaand Max Beckmanns Departure”

These are the 2 major requirements given by my professor for this essay.

1)Thesis statement. Begin by telling us the artists, titles of the works (which must be underlined or italicized), dates, and periods to which the works belong. Then cite the purpose and goal of the paper: a comparison and contrast essay which will focus upon a theme or themes of your choosing. Bear in mind the questions a?what do I intend to argue about the two works?a? a?How will I demonstrate my arguments?a? So begin with a thesis paragraph. As a general rule, paragraphs must be 3 or more sentences.

2)Undertake concise visual (formal) analyses, a careful, detailed description of the works, which proceeds from form to content. Compare and contrast the works formally and in terms of content. The intention is to give the reader a good visual description. Donat assume things related to content to be truea you must corroborate statements with evidence from scholarly publications. Define terms! Donat assume I am the only reader, and know what you will be talking about (even though I probably am). For example, if you mention primitivism, tell the reader what that is.