Ompare and contrast fathers in Kincaid Annie John”, Conde I, Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem”, and Diaz Drown”.

1. Double Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 Font, 1Margins.
2. When writing about literature use present tense verbs.
3. Avoid passive verbs. Aim for active voices verbs. Dont use “-ingending.
4. Eliminate the following verbs from the essay: ILLUSTRATE, DISPLAY, SHOW, EXHIBIT, PORTRAY.
5. Eliminate forms of the verb be: be, am, is, are, was, were, being, been.
6. Eliminate first person pronouns.
7. Dont talk about the reader. Eliminate second person pronouns.
8. Eliminate colloquial expressions.
9. Avoid vague cliche.
10. Be specific about characters.
11. Know what to cut. Eliminate wordiness.
12. Avoid sweeping generalizations. Maintain a close analysis of the literature not the world, or all women, or all Black women in the world since the beginning of time.
14. Quotes should support ideas. Integrate short quotes. Avoid long quoted passages.
15. Dont use italics, quotes, or bold type to emphasize words, use words to emphasize ideas.
16. Avoid overuse of the word IT. What is IT?
17. Dont use word A LOT!