Ompare and Contrast: Fires of jubilee book by nat turner to the film amistad

Responding to the question of what he hoped to accomplish with his documentary film, Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property, the filmmaker, Charles Burnett stated, a?Hopefully, the film will initiate a debate on race and by doing so perhaps get us to a better place in terms of black/white issues. I also think that part of society suffers from selective amnesia and they need to be awakened.a? Compare and contrast this film with The Fires of Jubilee. How did both the film and book address the legacy of slavery for contemporary race relations? (We will view this film in class.)

The Stephen Spielberg film Amistad tells the story of a slave revolt. Compare and contrast the film to Fires of Jubilee. How were the circumstances and details of the revolts different from one another? How were they similar?

Paper Guidelines
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Organization of paper
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Do not simply state your supportive argument. Explain the implications and what it means.

Comprehension of Material
does the paper show that you clearly read and understood the book and film
Examples from the book and film
use examples from the book to support both your comparisons and contrasts

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