Ompare and contrast Frankensteinas childhood with the a?childhooda? of his creation

When describing his childhood to Walton, Frankenstein presents a rather idyllic scene. Compare and contrast Frankensteins childhood with the childhoodi?? of his creation.
This is kind of what I was thinking:
Victor and his family experience many losses throughout his childhood; however, for each loss they experience, he subsequently enjoys a replacement. For example his maternal grandfather died and two years later she married Victors father. Victor was born shortly after their marriage and they view his birth as a gift. In both the original and 1831 versions, Elizabeth is introduced after experiencing the loss of her own family. Victor and Elizabeth become inseparable, with Victors mother sure they will eventually marry. In contrast Victors creature in never loved, and always faces rejection. Victor is immediately repulsed by his creation as his i??childi?? takes its first breaths. Victor received so much love from those around him and never returned this onto his own creation.