Ompare and Contrast Great Britain and Frances most recent elections

Compare and contrast Great Britain and Frances most recent elections for the executive branch. Discuss both institutions and processes (including the role of political parties, if any). Make sure to go beyond description, analyzing the outcome of the elections.

Include/ What to cover”:
-specifc district of who won the election
-who won the general election as a whole
-the voting process
-issues that are important to the voters (exp: economics, race, womens rights, etc.)
-electoral rule
-coalitional issues
-political culture
-electoral history
-party influence

*Compare and contrast the What to coversection
*Thesis needs to be based around the outcome of the election
-argue a difference between the two countries and answer the Whyquestion
-thesis must take a stance

-Must include AT LEAST 2 books, 3 scholarly articles, and 2 journalistic pieces (can use more sources)