Ompare and Contrast Hegel, Marx, List and Benedict Anderson

Hegel, Marx, List and Anderson a variously assign a place to the nation-state in their writing/interpretive framework. Compare and contrast the works of these four authors, specifically (i) discussing their understanding/theory of the nation-state, (ii) the place of the state in their overall framework and, (iii) offering also your evaluation of their views on the state. <br />
The sources the writer needs to draw arguments and quotations are as follows:<br />
Tucker, Marx-Engels Reader, pp.148-200, pp.302-361, pp 419-431, pp. 443-500<br />
Hegel, Philosophy of Rights, paragraph 41-81, 182-214, 230-271, 320-340<br />
Friedrich List, National System of Political Economy, Chs. 7, 11-15<br />
Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities, Chs. 2-3, 6