Ompare and contrast Her first ballKatherine mansfield and His first ballWiti Ihimaera

This essay should focus more on the similarities, so it is mostly a comparison essay. Each main point should state a similarity of the two stories.

There are two basic methods of organization for a comparison/contrast essay: point-by-point . A point-by-point pattern would address three similarities as your three main points. This should
be a five paragraph essay. This essay should be written in the point-by-point pattern meaning that you will address the similarities and differences of one aspect in both stories in each paragraph

Make sure there is plenty of evidence in the story for the aspects you choose to compare and
contrast. Be sure to include both similarities and differences for each point. Include quotations
from the story as support/evidence/example and document them using MLA Style. Include at
least one to support each main point.
Focus mostly on explaining the similarities while mentioning the differences, but do not just
write about the differences. (Obviously two different stories will be different, but explain how
they are similar.)
Dont forget to include a works cited page for the essay.
Use MLA Style formatting and documentation

**please do not use big words**