Ompare and Contrast I Hear America Singingand I, Too”

Compare and contrast the figurative language or diction choices, voice, tone, and themes of the two poems I Hear America Singingby Walt Whitman and I, Tooby Langston Hughs, using the whole-by-whole-strategy.

ParaI: introduce the 2 poets, their place in American literature, and their primary themes and titles.
ParaII: Briefly summarize the two poems, and posit a clear and assertive thesis statment, or controlling idea, which sets forth your basis for comparison and contrast.
ParaIII, IV, V, VI: using the specific points of comparison as the topic sentence, make the case for your thesis statement,or controlling idea, using your own thoughtful thinking, as well as the four sources.
ParaVIII:conclude by briefly reviewing main points and forcefully restating the thesis statement. (The End)